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Ask any single person out there why he/she has not been able to find a date and they will give you a list of grievances. To say that dating in the present times has become tough may be an understatement, but the reality is that in the present time people are too busy to date via the conventional style. Between family responsibilities, stressful jobs, hectic travel schedules, and actually trying to have a social life on top of all of that, it can look practically impossible to squeeze some time for actually going out there and finding a date. Moreover, when it comes to the conventional dating techniques there are some other drawbacks, like:

Online speed dating - the best Random Video Chat

Chances of getting rejected – Imagine you are sitting in a bar and find an attractive girl sitting near the counter. Now, you work up all your courage and ask her out. And her response - “I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend”. The chances of rejection are too high when you approach someone directly.

Time-consuming – Knowing someone through conventional methods requires a lot of time. You need to strike a conversation with the other person even before you could politely ask if they are looking for a relationship or not.

It is because of these drawbacks and many more that people today are more inclined towards the modern kinds of dating like – online dating and speed dating.

Speed Dating Vs. Online Dating

Speed dating comprises a large group of singles who rotate around a room spending only a few minutes getting to know someone before moving on to the next person. Whereas, online dating involves searching for a partner on the Internet, usually through a dedicated website. The difference between the two forms of dating are –

While speed dating focuses on a particular region, city, or town, you can meet people from all over the world via online dating, thus giving you more options.

No matter you can meet more than one person in a night through speed dating, still, these numbers are very less when compared to online dating, which is much more accessible and can be done any time of the day. While in speed dating you get only 3-5 minutes to make a connection, there is no such limitation when it comes to online dating.

Online speed dating - the best random video chat

It is because of these benefits of online dating that has come up with a speed video dating site, which combines advantages of both speed dating and online dating. The site is like Chatroulette, but better. is a modern and free analogue of Chatroulette and Omegle, and focuses on bringing a different variation of "video chat", i.e. "online video chat", "video chat without registration", etc.

With you can video chat with users around the world, and choose your connection. The site provides you with the ability to adjust the filter to the desired country and age so that you get the options only from your preferred country and age. Moreover, just like in the case of speed dating you can do a random video chat with the other users through the webcam. This feature of free video chat with the girl from any country offers you a huge pool of girls/boys from which you can choose your desired partner. Please note that although these video chats would be free of cost, however, this option won’t be available for the mobile version.

So don’t wait and join to make the perfect connection with the partner of your dreams!